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Electronic Manipulators Liftronic® Series

LIFTRONIC® manipulators are the most advanced version of load balancers. They are controlled by a microprocessor instead of a conventional pneumatic control, so they are not subject to the typical limitations of conventional machines and therefore offer much better performance and higher reliability. With the LIFTRONIC® series, machine operators can move loads with confidence, high speed and accuracy. Thanks to its advanced control system, it constantly monitors load variations and operator intentions, so moving heavy materials can be like lifting grams for your operator. 

Elektromos manipulátor

Liftronic Pro

  • Lifting rope along the vertical axis
  • Custom designed,manufactured gripping tool
Elektromos manipulátor

Liftronic Easy

  • Lifting rope along the vertical axis
  • With standard gripping tool
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Liftronic Mobile

  •  Mobile device for attachment to a forklift truck
  • Easy to move and use on different workstations

The advantages of Liftronic® INDEVA® intelligent manipulators over conventional pneumatic manipulators.

INtelligent DEVices for hAndling (INDEVAs) are the next generation of advanced industrial manipulators with electronic control.

The INtelligent DEVices for hAndling (INDEVAs) are a new generation of advanced industrial manipulators, featuring electronic control.
They represent the evolution of traditional industrial manipulators and belong to the innovative product family of manual load-handling assist devices known as Intelligent Assist Devices or IADS.
Many are the advantages of an INDEVA® compared to a traditional pneumatic manipulator, the main of which is surely the auto-weight sense and auto-balancing feature and its greatest responsiveness. For these unique features, the INDEVAs can be truly considered ‘human extenders’.

Liftronic® Series Intelligent Devices for HAndling (electronic manipulators) are ideal anywhere speed, fluid movement, and exact positioning of the load are required.

1. Liftronic® EASY

It is designed for simple applications and for uncomplicated and fast work cycles. Only standard gripping tools can be used under the sensor grip. The quick coupling device allows quick and easy replacement of gripping tools for different loads.

Various models are available for load capacities up to 320 kg and for use on different types of support structures:

  • Column-mounted column with articulated arm.

  • Overhead mounted with articulated arm.

  • Linear version.

  • Forklift mounted.

  • Crane mounted on a rail/bridge.

Rigid parallellogram frame structure with intelligent control of the Liftronic® series


Liftronic® Easy standard gripping tools

Liftronic Easy – Standard lifting hook

Elektromos manipulátor

Indeva Linear Pantograph Tool

Elektromos manipulátor

Indeva Scissor pantograph

Elektromos manipulátor

Indeva Magnetic gripper

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2. Industrial Manipulators "Liftronic® PRO" Versions

Most of the end effectors or tool tips designed for Liftonic® Pro incorporate industrial components and modules that we use in all our end effectors to ensure maximum reliability.

The majority of Liftronic® Pro gripping tools are custom designed to meet specific requirements, but some applications are very common and allow the use of type solutions for arm end tools.

Below are typical Liftronic® Pro gripping tools:

Various models are available for load capacities up to 320 kg and for use on a variety of support structures:

  • Column mounted with articulated arm”,

  • Overhead mounted with articulated arm”.

  • Linear version”,

  • mounted on a lifting mast,

  • rail/bridge mounted crane. rigid parallellograma frame structure with intelligent control of Liftronic® series

The Liftronic® Easy series has been updated several times since its birth in 2000 up to the current Liftronic® Easy-6 edition.


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The Liftronic® Pro can be equipped with the INDEVA® Orbital tool-head, which has an expandable chuck and is suitable for easy handling of yarn rolls, foil paper, etc… as well as metal rolls of different weights.


Elektromos manipulátor

The INDEVA® Liftronic® Manipulator with vacuum gripper offers the highest level of safety compared to any other lifting device with vacuum gripper.


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Scaglia Indeva has been designing customized gripping tools since 1975 and has built up a wide range of expertise and know-how that allows us to meet the most diverse needs for applications in a wide variety of industrial fields.

Scaglia Indeva is also known worldwide for its great attention to ergonomics and safety, and all the solutions we supply, from the simplest to the most complex, fully comply with all safety and ergonomic standards and directives.

3. Liftronic Mobile

iNDEVA lifting device with pallet truck base.

The Liftronic Mobile is an INDEVA lifting aid designed to be mounted on a pallet truck so that it can be moved and used wherever it is needed.

Elektromos manipulátor
Elektromos manipulátor
Elektromos manipulátor

Main features and advantages of Liftronic Mobile