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AGV-s (Automated Guided Vehicles)

INDEVA® AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles)

Scaglia Indeva® has been involved in low-cost automation since 1980 and has been designing and manufacturing Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) since 2000. 



Indeva Tugger  AGV –  750 kg – 1500 kg

Most common type, typically used for towing trolleys/trolleys.

Indeva Tunnel AGV – 750 kg

Low profile design. Its design allows to move underneath the trolleys to be transported, connected using an automatic PIN-Hook system, and then automatically released at the predetermined location when it reaches its destination.

AGV vontató

Below are some of the companies that have used INDEVA® AGVs with satisfaction:

In the automotive field:

Non automotive field:

Advantages of magnetic tape AGVs: