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Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators

INDEVA Ipari intelligens emelőberendezések

INDEVA Industrial intelligent lifting equipment Lean Technology Hungária Kft. is the official and exclusive distributor of INDEVA equipment in Hungary and Serbia.

A few words about the manipulators:

Manipulator is a lifting tool typically used in manufacturing, industrial environments and logistics to handle heavy loads (20-320 kg), for ergonomic or safety reasons. They are designed to move and position loads precisely, quickly and accurately, and are highly customisable to the application. A wide range of standard Indeva tools can be used to grip the product, but it is also possible to design and manufacture a custom tool.

They offer greater flexibility, safety and ergonomic benefits compared to traditional cranes and chain hoists, while they are typically smaller, more precise and better suited to applications requiring greater human control and customisation than automatic robots.

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LIFTRONIC ® Electric manipulators

“The Liftronic® Series Industrial electronic manipulators are known as INDEVAs, Intelligent Devices for Handling.

The INtelligent DEVices for hAndling (INDEVAs) are a new generation of advanced industrial manipulators, featuring electronic control.
They represent the evolution of traditional industrial manipulators and belong to the innovative product family of manual load-handling assist devices known as Intelligent Assist Devices or IADS.
Many are the advantages of an INDEVA® compared to a traditional pneumatic manipulator, the main of which is surely the auto-weight sense and auto-balancing feature and its greatest responsiveness. For these unique features, the INDEVAs can be truly considered ‘human extenders’.

Liftronic® Series Intelligent Devices for HAndling (electronic manipulators) are ideal anywhere speed, fluid movement, and exact positioning of the load are required.”

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PN- Pneumatic manipulators

The latest generation of industrial manipulators in the INDEVA® family. They combine the power of traditional pneumatic manipulators with the intelligence of INDEVA®. Lifting is performed by a pneumatic work cylinder, but they are electronically controlled. Featuring a rigid paralelogram arm design, they are typically used for off-centre of gravity lifting or for applications where the moving task requires rigid suspension.

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